Our Services

Audit and Accountancy

Audit  – As registered auditors we are licensed through Chartered Accountants Ireland to provide statutory audit services and our clients operate across all sectors of the economy.

The statutory audit has long been seen by many businesses as an inconvenient expense. We, however, see the audit process as a considerable tool in helping to evaluate the underlying business systems and processes.

The experience of our staff facilitates the examination of the potential strengths and weaknesses of client systems and through the provision of targeted advice also assists in assisting clients to protect their client’s assets and income.

Accountancy – To complement our audit function we also have a full range of bookkeeping, accounts preparation and payroll services offerings to suit all types and size of enterprise.

Audit Exempt – Following changes to Company Law, the introduction of and subsequent expansion of the audit exempt regime means that a greater number of small and medium clients are no longer obliged to carry out an annual statutory audit. This can help to reduce costs for many hard-pressed businesses in today’s challenging business environment.

We have significant experience in facilitating the changeover, preparing audit exempt financial statements and ensuring that companies also retain the exemption.


Taxation – Personal and Corporate

Personal – Our experience will inform and guide you throughout the various tax events in your life. Whether it’s the compliance events like the annual Income Tax Return or maybe more irregular Capital Gains Tax issues, to Estate or Succession Planning we have been providing professional independent guidance and advice to our client base across all tax headings for decades.

Corporate – We assist in ensuring our clients remain compliant with their company tax filings and work closely with each to understand the particular needs of each situation. All the current and foreseeable circumstances are considered in seeking to find a solution to incorporate maximum tax efficiency.

Tax Planning – An important part of all the tax work we undertake is to assess the current and future tax positions of individual clients. Tax planning is increasingly important for both corporate and personal clients.


Company Secretarial

As part of the all-inclusive service offering we provide a full service Company Secretarial package. From initial incorporation, to annual filing with the CRO, provision of advice to  Directors’ on their responsibilities under the Companies Acts, re-registration of single member companies, voluntary strike-off procedures, change-over to unlimited company, re-listing as audit exempt companies amongst others.


Financial Management

Members of our staff have a combination of nearly three decades of experience as either financial controllers and/or financial directors in a variety of industry sectors and size of entities. Thus bringing a wealth of first-hand knowledge to assist clients and provide a personalised service that will guide you in managing your business in the most efficient and profitable way.


Business Consultancy

From our inception we have been involved in assisting new businesses to grow and develop. Our experience in audit, business analysis and in industry gives us a valuable and unique insight into clients needs and enables us to provide bespoke advice tailored to the individual client requirements.


Personal Financial Planning

We can help you organise your personal finances, raise a mortgage, re-finance existing borrowings, prepare cashflow forecasts and budgets, and advise you on any aspect of your financial life.