About Us

At N. O’Carroll & Company our aim is to provide a professional personal service to all our clients.  We have been in practice since May 2000 offering this service to a wide range of clients operating in all business sectors and industries.

It is precisely because we deal only with small and medium sized enterprises that we have huge experience in dealing with such entities and hence we can offer well-informed, specialist, tailored advice to businesses in these difficult times.

We have a combined wealth of over 80 years of experience in practice but also crucially we have significant former experience in financial controller/director roles across a variety of industry sectors. Therefore we offer a diverse range of services with advice targeted specifically to suit your requirements. We work closely with all of our clients and are available to offer advice on problems encountered and also give proactive advice on how you can maximise your business and personal finances.

We are different because like our clients, we too are a small business and we therefore understand our clients’ needs. We also take the time to get to know our clients’ business intimately. In today’s complex and uncertain financial and business world, we can provide the advice relevant to our clients’ needs.

Our range of services is devised to accommodate the needs of our clients. We know what the small and medium sized business needs. From the micro or start-up business to the medium sized professional practice or industry we have a package of services to suit.

When you need an answer to a question you get advice from a professional with significant pertinent experience. It is targeted, professional, timely and relevant, delivered by those with the experience and ability to provide effective solutions to help your business survive and thrive.