Audit and Accountancy

Audit  – As registered auditors we are licensed through Chartered Accountants Ireland to provide statutory audit services and our clients operate across all sectors of the economy.

The statutory audit has long been seen by many businesses as an inconvenient expense. We, however, see the audit process as a considerable tool in helping to evaluate the underlying business systems and processes.

The experience of our staff facilitates the examination of the potential strengths and weaknesses of client systems and through the provision of targeted advice also assists in assisting clients to protect their client’s assets and income.

Accountancy – To complement our audit function we also have a full range of bookkeeping, accounts preparation and payroll services offerings to suit all types and size of enterprise.


Audit Exempt – Following changes to Company Law, the introduction of and subsequent expansion of the audit exempt regime means that a greater number of small and medium clients are no longer obliged to carry out an annual statutory audit. This can help to reduce costs for many hard-pressed businesses in today’s challenging business environment.


We have significant experience in facilitating the changeover, preparing audit exempt financial statements and ensuring that companies also retain the exemption.